Thursday, February 11, 2016

Crazy Rain & Reflections, City of London II, 8" x 8", Oil on Board

This is a little painting rain painting of London.

I love the reflections!

I love the buzz and the rush of the city!

People form all works of life, with umbrellas, determined to go into their offices for the start of a new day. They are soaked and cold in the London Rain!

The Iconic Red Bus splatters it's colours on the shiny pavements and there is a fair share of pollution in the air!

Crazy Rain & Reflections, City of London II, 8" x 8", Oil on Board, 2016

But I love it, so I paint it!

I have decided to bring the force of a "sketch" into it!

I worked on a small surface and it was tricky but in the end, I triumphed!

"Somebody needs to look at you and see who you really are, you are more than this, greater than this, don't define yourself because of your present doesn't work that way.

Vision is the most dominant force lacking in today's shortsighted society.

Don't be locked up in your past, step back and breath in and now walk into the calling that has been tugging at your heart since you were a baby. You are responsible and you are going to give an account if you remain there.

Don't live a phony, fake, delusional life, cease from yesterday, be a today person, this is it!" -Triple A .

Friday, February 05, 2016

Sleet & Grey Day, Greenwich, 15" x 8", Oil on Board

I love London when it rains!!

There's so much too see, the car lights reflect on the wet pavements creating nice warm reflections!

The skeletal trees peep through the atmosphere!

The people are all warmly clad with darks!

The wind blows and the sleet flows.

This is the London I love!!

So I paint these scenes with joy!!

Sleet & Grey Day, Greenwich, 15" x 8", Oil on Board, 2016
"What you love is what you should paint!"-Adebanji Alade

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Sketches on Public Transport February I

These are some more sketches that I normally do on Public Transport in London.....more to follow.
page 1
Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

Page 10

Page 11

Page 12

"Sketch, Sketch, Sketch.....just do it everyday!!!

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Dawn, Abuja I, 10" x 8", Oil on Board

I traveled to Nigeria over the Christmas holidays last year and it was fantastic!

Going back home to see the landscapes, was captivating!

It seemed as if I had a new set of eyes.

So, hence the paintings from the trip.

This is the first one, Dawn around Abuja at 6.15am-the light was beautiful! some sort of harmattan was still eerie in the air! It was a sublime feeling!

Dawn, Abuja I,  10" x 8", Oil on Board, 2016

Keep watching this space for more paintings and sketches from The Addictive Sketcher.

"You must feed your mind even as you feed your body, and to make your mind healthy you must feed it nourishing, wholesome thoughts."-Norman V. Peale

Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Quick Review of a Great year-2015!

This is a quick review of some of last years highlights in my little world of painting and sketching!

This was my first appearance in the group exhibition with Guild of Fine Art, Nigeria.

African Doll, 39" x 39", oil on Canvas

Adebanji stands beside African Doll
The Guild of Fine Art Nigeria Artists with Anshu and other Gallery representatives.
Adebanji is part of the panel during the Transcending Boundaries Discussion.

This was a great opportunity to produce a triptych of the Cadogan Buildings at Chelsea. Hugh Seaborn, The CEO was pleased with the final result.

Adebanji and Hugh Seaborn at the Cadogan Offices

Cadogan Buildings Triptych 16" x 16"

I had another great opportunity to perform on the One Show on Chris Evans last day.

On the Set at the One Show

I really enjoyed taking part in this competition. Even though I didn't win, it was a great experience and it was pure fun. I got a commission from this appearance of the same scene I painted on the series.

Lyme Park on a grey Day, 36" x 24", Oil on Canvas

Adebanji with his painting that got him into the Series.

Adebanji and Joan Bakewell

Adebanji and Frank Skinner

A short Film titled, "Adebanji Alade-The Addictive Sketcher was featured on TV!

I did two demonstrations in a wonderful gathering of plein air painters at The Brush With The Broads

Adebanji working as the participants watch.

Adebanji attacking the canvas

Adebanji with finished Demo 

I was happy to have my work selected for this prestigious exhibition, it was also purchased by the Ruth Borchard Collection as part of their Next Generation Collection

SKIN, 12" x 12", Oil on Board SOLD

This was one of the days I forgot my white oil tube and had to paint without white, it was a great experience! Teddy Heywood allowed me to paint from his balcony that overlooks the Bridge.

Battersea Bridge without Titanium White, 18" x 9", Oil on Board SOLD

I visited Vienna for the first time to deliver some inspirational workshops at the International School, Vienna. I also did some sketching and a painting of The Royal Opera House.

Summerlight, The Royal Opera House, 9" x 12", Oil on Board

Sketching The Royal Opera House

Study of the Royal Opera House

A great day in which I took on a commission to cover a wedding as the chief sketchographer!!! It was at Lucy and Joshua Hayes Wedding on the 22nd of August, 2015.

Having fun while working on the sketches at the wedding

My materials at the Wedding

Full Concentration while sketching at The Wedding

Finally I completed the illustrations for this lovely, interesting and practical book written by John and Bella Lane.

One of the pages of the book, "First Steps in The Enchanted Forest of Stitches"

Bella Lane (author) and Kezia (my daughter) at the Book Launch

Kezia, my daughter reading the book

After a very long wait since being made a Provisional Member in 2009, I finally get elected to full membership with The Royal Institute of Oil Painters. A great feeling!!!

Driszzly Day, Green Park, 8" x 10", Oil on Board. SOLD

Colour, Rain and Reflections, 8" x 10", Oil on Board SOLD

Rain and Reflections Cannon Street II, 8" x 10", Oil on Board.

Adebanji with 2 of his paintings at the ROI Annual Show.

Adebanji demonstrating at The Mall Galleries

The Demo, The picture Reference and the palette

Adebanji with finished demo

Painting Ronald Morgan on the Painting Evening at The Mall Galleries

I visited Nigeria for the first time after 12 years. The Society of Nigeria Artist, Lagos Chapter have been following my progress here in the United Kingdom for a while and this year they presented me  with a Masters Award for Distinguished Achievement.

The President SNA Lagos Chapter Chief Dotun Alabi Presenting the Award.

That capped up a great year and by God's Grace I am looking forward to a wonderful 2016! Great things have started happening already!!! Lets Do it!! IT IS POSSIBLE!!!

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Some random sketches of people on Public Transport

These are some of the sketches I do everyday, the very thing that gave birth to this blog and I am going back to the drawing board to give it life again!

I have re-invented myself as the sketchmachine and the addictivesketcher, hope you enjoy these.

And don't forget to keep sketching!